Our team has decades of professional experience in established and emerging industries and markets. Our collective skill-set comes from hands-on work in various industries: energy, information and technology, real estate, education, creative, financial, health, logistics, agriculture and forestry, and the public and social sectors. Our networks span the globe. We’ve lived and worked in North America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

Lisa Baroldi 

Founder & CEO

Lisa is an award-winning entrepreneur and strategist. She holds a Master’s degree from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs and degrees from the University of Alberta and the Institut d’études politiques. Her published academic research focused on international trade policy and the creative industries. From a rural community in northern Alberta, Lisa has worked across Canada and in France, Sierra Leone, and the United Arab Emirates. Currently, Lisa leads international consulting firm Progress Unlimited Inc. as founder and CEO, and manages Designing Downtown, a global vehicle for urban design exchange between cities that she co-founded in 2009. Lisa has worked with leaders in multiple sectors to obtain millions of dollars in funding and investment, and to grow their business and exposure internationally. Lisa has co-designed history-making initiatives and has produced major events that have brought together diverse perspectives and have led to important results for all involved. In 2015, Lisa was selected for the prestigious Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference.   

Gingie Welsh

Senior Consultant and Strategic Market Analyst

Gingie has a breadth of experience working in corporate and governmental strategic planning, marketing and international trade. She has provided strategic advice to industry clients in the areas of international relations, trade, immigration, labour attraction, education, agriculture and agri-food, and health care. Her international experience and know-how brings a unique perspective and holistic approach to all of the work that she does. She tackles problems from multiple angles, coming up with solutions that are long-term. She conducts market research in a way that adds tremendous value, because she goes above and beyond what the request is by posing new questions and including information that the client may not have thought of gathering. She holds a Masters degree from the University of Oslo, and a degree in International Politics and Relations from the University of Alberta. Currently based in Canada, Gingie has also lived and worked in Norway, France, England, Taiwan and Tunisia.

Kim Buchanan

Operations and Design

Kim has provided design, construction, logistics, administrative, and organizational consulting services globally. She’s acted as a contractor for major high-rise renovation projects and for several restaurants, offices, and homes. The spaces and processes that Kim designs help to foster stronger corporate cultures and have streamlined business activity. Kim’s hallmark is practicality combined with creativity. Clients remark that she has an unparalleled ability to solve spacial and process problems quickly and in innovative ways that fit naturally with clients’ lifestyles and are within their budgets. Trained in the creative industries and with deep experience in hospitality and design and construction, Kim brings a unique lens to any project. While Canada is currently home, Kim has lived in Saudi Arabia, the United States, and Singapore. Kim continues to consult and heads operations and design for Progress Unlimited Inc. 

Brett Wishart

Chief Project Manager

Brett has provided project-consulting services internationally. He has a background in construction estimating and project management. He has been instrumental in the successful completion of multimillion-dollar public transportation and large-scale industrial projects. Brett’s background and strong analytical abilities help him to recognize potential problems and develop creative long-term solutions in various industries. He takes a “whole-team” approach to projects, working with members to ensure he understands the needs of each department and supports them to the finished product. Brett holds a Commerce degree from MacEwan University in Edmonton, Canada. He has lived in Italy and across Western Canada. He is currently based in London, U.K.